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Guided Tours in Florence combined with event of experiences tasting for tuscan food and Chianti wine.

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Our Customers are inspired by finding the best services and products according their current needs but also throught exclusive cultural experiences.

Check the complete list to create Your combo with guided tour and tasting florentine food and wine.

Tourist Attractions in Florence

Florence City really offers so many things to see and to do, most of them situated in a very small area, all available for a guided tour with Florencelovelike, private or small groups, as your requirement.






What are the traditional Florentine food and wine products to taste in our events?

Here is a small list of Gourmet foods to taste and to combine with our historical guided tours in Florence.

Florencelovelike guided tours are a multifaceted experience where all the senses are satisfied.

Why Florencelovelike's guided tours are very good solution to visit Florence?

There are really many things to do in Florence.
it is famous for art, history, food, fashion and much more, but discover Florence is not easy to do when you have little time available.
Often people ask Us:
Can I see Florence in 1 day?
Before answering, let's take our time, the correct question would have been:
"How many days do I need to visit Florence?"
But unfortunately, those who arrive in Florence also for tourism have little time available and if we go to check Florence tourist informations, we understand that there are many places of tourist attractions but also local products to taste.
We at Florencelovelike have prepared our answer suitable for those with little time by offering the best of Florence from all points of view and concentrating it in simple and exciting events.
Florencelovelike guided tours in Florence city  are excellent solutions that allow you to have wonderful experiences in a short time.
It only takes three hours to join a florentine guided tour and complete it with a tuscany food experience or Chianti wine tasting or a Negroni aperitif cocktail selection.
Sometimes people come here on an organized trip and have a free afternoon right away.
By choosing our original guided tours in Florence you will have the utmost satisfaction you will visit the most important places and taste the Florentine specialties without falling into tourist traps.
Even when a trip has been organized for some time, there are always free times to devote to personal discovery and shopping.
When you understand yours, all that remains is to use them by choosing one or more of our guided tours in Florence made on purpose to explore without getting tired, also enjoying tastings of local products such as our famous Chianti wine.
Florence The cradle of the Renaissance so defined because this city was the awakening from the dark and dark Middle Ages.
Characters like Michelangelo,
Leonardo da Vinci, Dante Alighieri attended and made Florence known all over the world with their works.


Why guided walking tours in Florence are very common?

The tourist attractions in Florence are so many and suitable for all visitors from children to the elderly.
They are all contained in a small area within walking distance.
All these places are excellent destinations for events of walking tours that, accompanied by tasting, result in perfect cultural experiences.

Florence is also good for food and wine. And we think the best thing is to combine a guided tour with a tasting. Choose from our event of tour proposals or customize your visit in Florence by combining a visit with a tasting.


The Grand Tour

Florence is a special city as are other Italian cities such as Rome Venice and Naples that were the major stops on the Grand Tour.

Noble families like that of the Medici who ruled Florence for so many years have seen intrigues and plots that not even the imagination of cinema has managed to overcome.

The Grand Tour from which the word tourism comes was a long journey, often of not exactly defined duration, which usually had Italy as its destination.
This experience was made to the young nobles to train them in their future government tasks.
During the Grand Tour the young nobles studied, saw works of art, went shopping and had their portraits done as well as wrote the travel diary.
For this reason, even today going around Florence you will find many artists ready to make your portrait.


Guided Tour are very important if You would like to know new cities.
People are important for Us and We do better to feel them as in a new family home.



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