Original Florentine Food Tour

Florentine food tasting


There are three factors that we evaluate when we prepare a food tour:

  • 1) originality of local food 2) extreme quality of food, both from the point of view of freshness and preparation.

  • 3) the environment that must be peaceful and fun, never tiring, nervous or boring.


You will know the originality of the dishes of the real Florence, far from the tourist places.


We will taste a selection of traditional ham, salami and cheeses paired with our unsalted bread (Tuscany is the only Italian region that makes unsalted bread which therefore goes so well with our savory hams and salamis). We will of course pair with local red and white wines. We will taste local olive oil and typical Florentine dishes such as "pappa al pomodoro" and "peposo".


By the end of the tour, you will have tasted some of the most delicious dishes in Florence and have a better understanding of our culture and history.


All food will be served with either quality or non-alcoholic drinks of your choice. You will taste the lampredotto, which is paired with a glass of Chianti wine. We will conclude with an ice cream that, you may not know, but ice cream was invented in Florence

Duration of the tour = 3h ( 1,5 h walking tour + 1,5 h tasting).
Length of the tour = 1,5 km.
Cost of the tour = 2 people for 90,00 Euro
                                 4 people for 70,00 Euro
                                 6 people for 60,00 Euro
                                 Max 10 People group 50 Euro
Possibility of upgrade = Yes ( II tasting and more directly during the tour)
Ricetta della Pappa al Pomodoro


Pappa al pomodoro Fiorentina is an ancient dish of peasant origin.
Ingredients are stale Tuscan bread, tomato, garlic, basil with the addition of olive oil.
The great popularity of pappa al pomodoro also comes from a 1911 story ("Giornalino di Gian Burrasca") which was then transposed into a television drama in the sixties and accompanied by the song:
"Viva la pappa al pomodoro" that has dramatically increased its success.
If you want to try your hand at cooking this is Adriana's recipe
( My mum).


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